Agistment at Earlville Pony Club

Agistment at Earlville Pony Club is only available to Earlville Pony Club members (not our EPC Equestrian Queensland affiliated members) and Joining the club will not necessarily guarantee agistment. It is recommended to apply for agistment (forms on this website) and if this is accepted it will be conditional to maintaining membership as a EPC PCAQ member. When agistment application forms have been completed and fully signed please submit through the club’s secretary ( or arrange to personally hand it to a committee member on the grounds. Membership will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and when approval is gained, the relevant membership (online) and agistment fees will be required in advance.

Each approved horse is allocated a stable and the owner/member will also be provided with a lockable feed/tack shed, either single or shared one.

Agistment: to apply for agistment, complete the EPC agistment application and submit to the club BEFORE joining PCAQ online as you will need to have your agistment application accepted first

Agistment Fees

*Discount excludes mandatory twice yearly working bees and paddock maintenance)

Bonds and one month stable/agistment fees, if approved, are payable in advance. 

More information is available on the agistment application form found on this website. There are rules (club by-laws) that you should read before considering whether the Earlville Pony Club is suitable for you.

Paddock Use and Maintenance

Horses are allocated into mares or geldings paddock and owners can choose to turn them out at night and stable during the day or vice versa. This assists in keeping numbers in the paddock at any one time to a minimum.

Regular rosters to assist with removal of manure, fallen branches in paddocks, safety checks on fencing and cleaning of the troughs is expected. ​Other general cleaning of facilities and maintenance on the property and buildings is included in the roster.

EPC members share the maintenance of our grounds and conduct working bees from time to time. This is a requirement for members who agist their horses on the grounds. Non-agistee members can also access the facilities for general riding but will need to request the use of yards for short-term (less than 24 hours) periods. Access to the grounds for riding whilst an event is being conducted is limited and often not permitted unless riding as a competitor.